Attendee Building Block

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Attendance control tool for Blackboard Learn

Developed with AngularJS framework. Freemium version available.


What is Attendee?
Attendee is a building block for Blackboard Learn that lets course instrctors manage student attendance records to a specific course/class. It also features attendance report exporting capabilities for furter analytics with different tools.

How does it work?
Attendee presents a view in each course displaying all the students that are enrolled in the corrseponding course.
This view shows includes calendar ad list with a photo, full names and percentages of each student’s individual attendance record. The instrucor can then select each individual student and check their presence in the cass room
In addition, an instructor can also check for the student’s entire attendance record for any day since the course since the beginning of the course by clicking on an available date on the calendar widget.

What tecnology does it use?
Unlike most other Blackboard Learn building blocks, Attendee uses the AngularJS framework to control user interface components and java servlets with asynchronous queries to the database, in order to avoid having to reload the page at every intercaction and thus enhancing greatly the user experience.

What are the key features?
The Freemium version includes:

  • A dynamic calendar widget that renders every course session, up to the current date, and allows authenticated users to retrieve attendance student records for any particular date.
  • Single page application: fluid and intuitive user interface without ever reloading the page. All functions are accessible with the sae view.
  • Dynamic student search by first or last name.
  • Mass email notification feature to message all student belonging to that course.
  • Print-ready attendance record reports.

The Premium version includes all of the above, plus:

  • Select all users with a single click.
  • Option to check a student as «late», instead of just absent.
  • Additional comment field for each student’s absentee or late check.
  • Blackboard Grade Center integration
  • Export raw data in CSV, JSON or XML formats.
  • Extend the functionality to an Institutional level

How do I get the Premium version?
Please contact us HERE.

Download brochure Attendee
Download brochure Attendee HERE

Download Attendee free version Building Block HERE